The Monsters of the Year

Yesterday after picking up Kendall from school she kept on signing a song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and……you get the point.  The only problem was I would just catch her saying Monsters of the year.  I was really confused as to why my child’s preschool was teaching her about monsters of the year.  I could just imagine bedtime for the next year.  Each month we would have a new monster to defeat just so she would go to bed.  After what seemed like the 30th time I finally decided to pull out the camera and record what she was singing.

Thankfully its the months of the year and not monsters of the year.  I should have known better than to second guess school.  The only other issue I am having is she leaves out December, and if you try to sing it with December in it or ask her it doesn’t go very well.  I guess I will just have to ask her teacher next week.

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Pizza, games, and an afternoon of fun. 

Mom is on vacation this week so we have been trying to do something with the girls everyday. So yesterday we thought let’s take them to a place where a kid can be a kid. So we packed everyone up and headed to Chuck E Cheese. The girls love it and mom and dad also had fun. For $30 it’s hard to pass up good pizza and 2 hours of arcade games. The girls even loved their prizes that they got with their tickets at the end (a snake, braclet and a spinning top). 

Enjoy the video of our afternoon below. 

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Fondue Friday 

For anniversaries with the wife we would normally go to the Melting Pot. Since we had kids that doesn’t tend to happen anymore. So we bring the fondue to us. Yesterday was our 9th anniversary. Following tradition I went and got all the ingredients to do the chocolate fondue as we have done for the last few years. Only this year Amma surprised us and babysat the kids so we could go to dinner. Since we didn’t get to do it on our anniversary we figured let’s include the girls and make it a family night. So I present to you Fondue with the DadStayedHome clan. ​

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