We could all learn a little

It doesn’t matter how she slept the night before.  She doesn’t care if she isn’t felling great.  The weather doesn’t dictate it.  She is just thrilled when she gets to go to Happy School (preschool).  When Kendall knows that she is going to school for the day it just makes her ecstatic.  I could learn something from that kid.  Everyday should be this for me. Life is awesome so lets go have fun.  This is what I am working towards.  #1shot

Kendall excited about going to happy school.  In her words “I’m going to happy school”

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Brushing hair

If you had told me that one day I would be sitting on the couch brushing a little girl’s hair and enjoying it, I never would have believed you in a million years. I didn’t imagine my life like this. I never imagined I would be a stay at home dad.  I always imagined a life with kids, a wife, house full of animals and all of the things that I have.  I never imagined it would be like this though.  I never imagined that brushing your daughter’s hair could be so uplifting that it erases everything stressful that went on that day. I never could have imagined that this is what being a dad is like. Now it pains me to imagine the day that I no longer get to brush that little girl’s hair.


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March Madness picks by Kendall and Natalie 

So the best part about being a stay at home dad (after being with the kids of course) is you don’t have to miss any of the NCAA basketball tournament.  Every year I do a bracket or two (usually 7).  This year I decided to do one against the girls and see how I do.  Kendall did make some surprise picks, she has 3 number 1 seeds losing in the first round.  She made all of the picks on her own.  I just asked who she wanted or asked her to point to which team on the screen.  I attached a short video of her making the picks and final pick.  She thinks Dayton is going to win it all with a final score of 1 to 8.  Couldn’t be prouder.

  Natalie making her picks also.  



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