Why Daughters Need Their Dads

Found this post on a blog that I follow. Great read for fathers with daughters

Source: Why Daughters Need Their Dads

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Ice cream and hand holding.

12 years ago I started dating my now wife. Her family home was about .25 miles from a local ice cream stand. We would often times take the short walk to get a treat, holding hands the whole way. Last night, we visited with Pappy and Addison suggested we go get some ice cream after dinner.  I’ve taken this stroll so many times before and this time felt a little different. This time, as we took a step out into the street a little girl’s voice said “daddy hold my hand”. K reached up and held my hand for the walk. 12 years ago I got ice cream with my love, last night I got ice cream with my family.


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4 cameras and a slide

The other day I brought the slide inside for the girls to play with.  I had them play outside for a few minutes while I set up 4 cameras to catch the fun.  As you will see in the beginning of the video Kendall was pretty excited.   Watch the video below to see how it turned out.   Enjoy.
Daisypath Happy Birthday tickersDaisypath Happy Birthday tickers

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