Why Daughters Need Their Dads

Found this post on a blog that I follow. Great read for fathers with daughters

Source: Why Daughters Need Their Dads

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5 Responses to Why Daughters Need Their Dads

  1. Michael Lupton says:

    Very nice.

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  2. justyouraveragemum says:

    So true! I credit my wonderful Dad to helping me become the stable, happy and strong woman I am today. Because I had his love and attention growing up I didn’t need that of any boy who didn’t treat me right. I now have an amazing husband who I know will be just the same with our beautiful daughter. Unfortunately my best friend had an abusive and alcoholic father, she struggles with depression, insecurities and lack of confidence. Although she’s already a beautiful girl inside and out, she alters her appearance with plastic surgery and tattoos and settles for men who treat her poorly. I whole heartedly believe had she had a better father figure she would have grown up so differently.
    You sound like an amazing father, your girls are very lucky 😊👏🏼👏🏼

  3. REALity Check says:

    This was an awesome read!!!! Thanks for this I’m actually gonna put this on my Twitter account it’s worth spreading around. I know I can’t tell you the countless numbers of girls and women all the way into their 70’s that have been impacted by the shaping their Dad has had in their lives… Or absence he has had in it. And no matter who old a person gets they never forget. Women grow to look for a father figure in relationships and often times not the right kinds. It’s true of boys as well. Your girls will have strong roots and that’s something to be proud of because when women have strong roots storms come and go but we flex with the winds and know how to handle and trust our instincts. Bravo to you and doing the most important thing you probably will ever do in this world!!!! Thank you for this post 🙂

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