March Madness picks by Kendall and Natalie 

So the best part about being a stay at home dad (after being with the kids of course) is you don’t have to miss any of the NCAA basketball tournament.  Every year I do a bracket or two (usually 7).  This year I decided to do one against the girls and see how I do.  Kendall did make some surprise picks, she has 3 number 1 seeds losing in the first round.  She made all of the picks on her own.  I just asked who she wanted or asked her to point to which team on the screen.  I attached a short video of her making the picks and final pick.  She thinks Dayton is going to win it all with a final score of 1 to 8.  Couldn’t be prouder.

  Natalie making her picks also.  



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5 Responses to March Madness picks by Kendall and Natalie 

  1. My husband did that with the kids yesterday too. As crazy as kid picks are, you really never know with March Madness!

  2. theworldisnotagainstme says:

    I just wanna say that your blog posts melt my cold, icy heart every single time. Keep doing what you do. I’m gonna follow.
    If you can check out my blog too.

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