Bounty Gate

This topic is a frustrating one for me.  I know that most NFL teams had a rewards system for good plays of some sort.  Do I believe it was to injure players, I am not sure but I have a gut feeling that this was going on with the Saints. Today an appeals court overturned Roger Goodell’s ruling to suspend Jonathan Vilma for the year and other players for 4 games.   Here is my problem with it.  They have emails and paper trails followed with video evidence about the Saints.  Everyone knows that Vilma was involved, yet Vilma argues that Goodell ruined his name and his reputation.  First of all, Vilma needs to be a man and confess to what he did and apologize to the league.  He would have received a few games suspension and then we move on.  Instead he argues it, he sues, he calls names and now tell me what parent will use Vilma as a role model.  Take Mike Vick for example.  I am a huge animal lover, what he did is disgusting and horrible.  He stood tall like a man, apologized and took his punishment like a responsible citizen and is now on the right path.  People have moved on from this.  Some people still look at Vick like he is an evil monster but most don’t.  He is an example that I would use to teach my child about being honest and learning from your mistakes.  Alex Rodriguez comes out we have forgiven.  Mark McGuire admits his mistakes he is still loved.  Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds play the attitude card and look what it has them, nada, people always in the back ground talking.  Jonathan Vilma made a mistake and was warned for his mistake but did nothing about it.  Does this make him a bad man?  Does this make him any less of a football player?  What it does is it tarnishes his family name.  The NFL did not do this, Roger Goodell did not do this.  Be responsible for YOUR own actions and quit blaming everyone else.  Step up, be a role model, save the Vilma family name.

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