Lowe’s Glass Cutting Service

I experienced something great this afternoon.  I experienced what people refer to as top-notch service.  I needed a piece of plexi glass cut for a picture frame that is a little bowed.  So I went to my local Lowe’s and figured that I would engage in some awkward transaction with the employee that would help me out.  I will say that I have not been this wrong in a long time.  Not only while waiting for the employee to come to the station and help me out, 2 different people assured me that he was on his way.  Then when the man showed up after all of maybe a minute he apologized for making me wait.  He then measured my picture frame and looked at the options he had and said “it is going to cost $34 to cut, is this ok?”  I told him “yes that is fine” and he continued to cut the glass.  After he made sure that I was happy with it, he took the frame from me and wrote down a SKU number and said “are you ok with $8?”  He then told me that because I only used a portion of it he is not going to charge me the full amount.  This did not need to happen, he did not need to do that for me.  Not very many retail stores get it, but Lowe’s does.  Every time I walk into that store I walk out feeling better than when I walked in.  Thank you Lowe’s, once again you provided top-notch customer service and you made my honey do list a great deal easier.  Please feel free to share any experience you may have had at a Lowe’s or any store where the employees have gone above and beyond.

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