Who Would of Thought Breast Feeding Could Get This Emotional?

Pappy picture with Grandma’s glider

Last night Addison and I took the last of our baby classes.  It was a class on breast-feeding and believe it or not I am beyond stoked.  I think it is going to be a wonderful experience for my wife to bond with Kendall.  I am really happy that she will have something that she can share with just her and her daughter.  I know that since I will be staying home with Lil-Bit, I will have an abundance of opportunities to have Daughter-Daddy time and I am thrilled for that.  I just think that this will be an amazing one on one time for her mother and her to develop something special.  I can just picture it now, it’s about bedtime and I go into Kendall’s room and Mom will be sitting in the glider feeding and signing to baby.  Just thinking about this puts tears in my eyes.  I think the wave of emotions will be really strong when I witness this for the first few times.  The two most important things in the entire world to me will be just snuggling and bonding and I just know that this will make me a very happy Papa Bear.

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