Talk About a Heart Stopper!

Last night was a stressful night.  We watched Steven Kings The Mist followed by The walking Dead, so we were a little on edge.  So we decided to fall asleep to Family Guy in the Background.  I fall asleep shortly after but never really settled in.  At about 2:00 AM I get abruptly waken up to my wife saying “honey, honey” and pauses a stares at me for a second, at this time I’m thinking alright its go time.  She follows with “I think Lucas needs to go out”.  My heart stopped, I get up take the dogs out real quick, I’m back in bed maybe 2 minutes later and she has already rolled over and is fast asleep.  I have only one thought about this, Kendall Hurry up!

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2 Responses to Talk About a Heart Stopper!

  1. Me says:

    Hahaha! I never considered you’d think I was in labor.

  2. When your baby comes you think it’ll be easier at night than simply taking the dog out? Delusional! But I guess you’ve been through it before so you know better than I do. I need to catch up on the Walking Dead…

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