You Think That I Would Learn!

While changing baby Kay’s diaper, she decided to pee without another diaper underneath. This is not the first time that this has happened. I guess what is so frustrating about it is I let this happen to me over and over. I am curious to see how many times she does this until I learn to just put a clean diaper under her. If I don’t get this down soon Kendall is not getting a car or let alone college. Diapers are expensive and I am just throwing money down the diaper genie. Let me give you the break down.

Cost per diaper=$.26
Average diapers I waste per day =6
Money wasted per day= $1.56
Money wasted a year= $569.40
Money wasted if K wears Diapers for 18 years=$10,249.20

I think I will just let Mom do the changings.


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