The 3 Week Update.

It has been three weeks now since Kendall has arrived.  Let me give you the recap of how things are going.
1. She is beautiful.
2. She has gone from sleeping and eating every two hours to now it’s every 4 hours.
3. She has a lot of wet and dirty diapers.
4. She gained weight at her first doctors appointment.
5. She is a little gassy.
6. She loves to sleep in her car carrier.
7. She allows anyone to hold her.
8. She can lift her head up.
9. She loves music.
10. She loves car rides.
11. She was a huge hit at her first Christmas party.
12. She is now starting to recognize faces and starts to mimic facial expressions.
13. She enjoys her pacifier.
14. Her doggy brother and sister love to kiss her.
15. When she is hungry, she sounds like a Velociraptor and shakes her head from side to side.
16. She has about three outfit changes a day.
17. She still is wearing newborn diapers.
18. Her hair is still black and has dark blue eyes.
19. She sucks her thumb (even if it’s a little backwards and upside down).
20. She hates bathes.
21. She still has her umbilical cord.
22. She has her dad wrapped around her finger.
23. She is growing up way to fast.
P.s. it’s 4:30 am and Dad is awake writing this, she is doing great but her Dad is not sleeping like he should be.


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