Crisis Code Level Scream Orange

It finally happened.  The day has finally arrived.  After 2 months my nightmare has started.  It all seem to play out in slow motion.  This will be hard to talk about.   I will push through it.  Here is what happened.

It was a cold Thursday in Greeneville Tn.  It had been snowing for about 10 minutes and Kendall just fell asleep.  There she was, all sweet and beautiful in her swing.  Swinging back and forth, then it happened.  The most tragic event to ever happen to a precious little girl, the batteries died in her swing.  The music started to fade, the swing started to slow down, the princess started screaming.  So what does Dad do?  Dad jumps up as fast as he can and smashes his shin into the 2 inch glass coffee table.  So how did dad react?  Dad kept his poise and bickered and whined all the way up the first 7 steps then through the platform and up the next 7 steps (I waited until I was upstairs to curse and yell). We are now into Kendall’s bedroom and Dad is moving and doing his best Barry Sanders Juke move through her closet, around her toys, and through all her clothes.  Finally I find the batteries.  So I grab the 2 double D batteries and make my way down the stairs.  I go to the swing, I open up the back and it hits me. I NEED 4 DOUBLE D BATTERIES.  So I mumble and grumble all the way up the steps, get back into her closet and get the other batteries.  While reaching for them I knock the rest of the package onto the ground and have 4 double D batteries smash into my big toe.  Keep in mind that during all of this Baby K is still screaming.  So I head back down stairs and try to get the old batteries out and put the new one’s in so she will calm down.  After getting them in place, I put the Pacifier back in her mouth and all is well.  I bring myself back to the couch, sit down and reflect.  The only thing that comes to mind is, I am good.  So lets recap the situation.

Baby Cries<Dad to the rescue<Baby stops crying<Dad is a hero.

Here is the reality of it.

Kendall’s pacifier falls out<Kendall Cries<Kendall Screams<Dad changes batteries in swing<Dad puts Pacifier back in K’s mouth< Dad forgets to turn on swing<K stops crying<Kendall just wanted her Paci.<Dad is a dummy

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1 Response to Crisis Code Level Scream Orange

  1. kathy lupton says:

    Funny story
    Reminds me of when Addison was a little one and Daddy went to get her and tripped up the step in the sunken diningroom and broke his toe!! HA
    Love ya

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