The Dummy and the Hill

Last night while taking the dogs out Dad had himself an adventure. All day it had been raining slowly and then freezing. So when it was time to take Hannah and Lucas out Dad did his regular routine.
1. Get shoes on.
2. Grab dog leashes.
3. Spend 5 minutes getting the dogs settled just to put their leashes on.
4. Go out the door and head over to the poop spot.

Instead of heading down the walkway to let the dogs do their buisness


I decided to head directly towards it


and since the ground was frozen and slippery, Dad slips, busts his tail and the dogs drag him into the rocks.
This is what I have to show for it.


The moral of the story is if the city of Greeneville advises you to stay indoors, it’s probably wise to avoid hills while walking your dogs.

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