Too Soon, Dad’s Not Ready For This

So today while Addison and I were going through the clothes that no longer fit baby K we came across some heart break.  At the bottom of one of her drawers, we found a pair of pants from  when she was a new born.  These pants were huge on her when we first put them on her scrawny little legs.  We decided to compare them to some pants that currently fit her and we were shocked. 



After the intial shock wore off Addison decided she would pull the “we have to talk” thing on me.  I thought for sure I was in trouble, if only that was the case.  She said “Nick I think it’s time that we move to the next size diapers.”  My heart started to beat faster, but instead of freaking out I took a deep breath and let out a quiet “ok” then turned around a cried like a baby.  I know the picture does not do it much justice but here is what size 2-3 look like.  I get it, it’s no big deal, but to me I see her crawling, walking, talking, and saying “it’s ok Daddy I don’t need your help with this”.  First I lose my girl Hannah and now my other princess is growing up.  This is too much to handle. 


Now that I have calmed down and had time to digest everything, we are off to Wal-Mart for a few hours of fun.



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