Kendall Goes To FL For 4th of July

This 4th of July Kendall and her parents decided to take a visit to FL and visit Amma. Even though we got to experience the headache and difficulties that come with taking a baby on vacation, it was beyond worth it. We had such a good time. Kendall got to meet some family for the first time. She made a new friend, learned some new songs (Thanks Coach John). She even got to engage in some Big Brother talk. Here is a little recap of the trip to Florida.

20130709-115614.jpgMomma packing for the trip.

20130709-120811.jpgKendall decided to eat Mickey’s foot instead of helping us pack.

20130709-121113.jpgKendall helping us pass the time on the drive home.

20130709-121233.jpgGiving Uncle Vinnie the PEOPLE’S ELBOW.


20130709-121412.jpgMomma and K discuss how scary the fireworks can be.

20130709-121536.jpgK even melted Uncle Harry’s Heart!




20130709-121717.jpgPlaying with her new friend Lily.

20130709-151638.jpgMeeting Aunt Kathy


20130709-151716.jpgSome jumping and playing with Mr. Jeff’s Cane.

20130709-151900.jpgK behaving like a big girl at dinner.

I am sad to say that like a giant dummy I don’t have any pictures with K and Amma or with the Allison’s. So since we don’t have any pictures from this trip we are going to have to do it again soon.

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