Busy Day For Baby K

Today Kendall had a very busy day with her family. We went all the way to the JC and then even got to play at home. Here is what K did today.

Kendall started the morning off by sitting in her chair like a big girl while we waited for Mom to finish getting ready.


Then we went to Sam’s where everyone kept on coming up to K and telling her how beautiful she was. (kinda makes you proud as a parent) Everyone also had to comment on how big her eyes were.




After we got home from Sam’s and ate lunch, Dad told Momma Bear to go upstairs and take a nap. So I took the time to play with K and get some chores done.

First Kendall helped me pay some bills.





Paying all those bills made Kendall really thirsty, so Dad went and got her a bottle.

I then decided that K had been such a good girl today so I would let her watch some Mickey.


By this time Mom had woken up from her nap so K had some dinner while we ate our dinner.

Then K decided to pick her nose. (once again feeling proud)


After dinner we played a little then took a bath and tried to settle into the crib for a good nights rest. (Hopefully)

<br /


Overall I would say it was a GREAT day.

Daddy Loves you Kendall

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