Do You Think It’s To Early To Contact Prince William About My Princess?

After months of speculation about the sex of the royal baby, we found out its a boy. This is a dream come true, Kendall now has a shot at royalty. That’s right KENDALL NOW HAS A SHOT AT ROYALTY. Now I know what you are thinking, no way in H E Double Hockey Sticks that K has a shot. You are wrong. For the last 8 months Kendall has gone through intense training for this. I think I have the proof why she is perfect for Buckingham Palace.

She eats her food like a lady.


Se always picks up after herself.


She knows how to do her laundry.


She never picks her nose in public.


She always wears her dresses at the appropriate lengh.


She is really good with a screw driver.


She always sleeps when it’s bed time.


Speaks properly while out in public.

If this is not enough proof that she has what it takes, then we can just look back at her blood line and that should get her right in the door.


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