The Transition

Time has been flying by recently with Kendall. She is growing up extremely fast and now I have to do things like put socks and shoes on her because she wants to walk in the store. She has this sense of independence about her that just baffles me. She always wants someone to be close by, but doesn’t want you to be playing with her. The big thing that we are trying to accomplish is transitioning her from milk to big girl food. We have cut out a few feedings here and there and replaced them with food. Some days she eats like a champ and other days she enjoys spitting it right back at me. Today she ate all her food (baby food, Cheerios, apple juice, green beans) like a big girl. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but I’m hoping we may have cleared this hurdle. In other big girl news, Kendall walked all by herself with Daddy while in the video store. She did so good, she didn’t wander off or even try to pull all the movies off the shelf like Dad would have done at her age. It is just one more step towards growing up for her and I really wish that she would just slow down. Below is a video of Kendall finishing off her food and another one of her laughing at her self watching the video of her eating her food.

At what age did your children start to walk?

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