Karma and Natalie’s head

When I think back to my earliest memory two things always come to mind. First I remember  my dad taking me to the movies to go see The Little Mermaid. The second one is the pool incident.

The pool incident goes as follows.  It was a warm summer day in south Florida and there I was being the innocent sweet little boy trying to play nicely by the pool with my older brothers who I looked up to sooooooo very much. You would think that they would want to play with a kid 5 and 7 years age gap. I mean let’s be honest I was quiet, I never ever ran and tattled on them. I was just such an angel to be around. I just couldn’t understand why they would want to torture me, I just wanted to play. So my older brother was swimming in the pool and I was out on the ledge looking in innocently with a swimmers mask in my hand watching him have fun. The details vary depending on who you talk to but here is how I remember it. So Vinnie swims up to me and attempts to get out of the pool, while doing this he (keep in mind this is how I remember it) said something about my future wife and my unborn kids and muttered something I’m sure like your so lucky.  Well apparently I wasnt having any of that. So I did what any sweet little boy would do, I cocked back that swimming mask and WHACK.  So after mom took him to go get plastic surgery on his face because his little brother knocked him the……..oh wait it’s a friendly blog. I went on with my life and figured it would just be a memory.  Nothing would really come out of it.

Fast forward about 25 years later and we get to how this pertains to my girls. Kendall is at that age where if your doing it or using it she wants it.  She wants it now and if she doesn’t get it she is one unhappy woman. So little miss Natalie was being a perfect child and just playing with the guitar that Pappy got Kendall for Christmas. Well when Kendall saw this she was not having any of that nonsense. So she was determined to take that guitar away from her sister. Not to play with it or play with her sister but just to take it away and hide it up high so her sister couldn’t get it. Natalie wasn’t thrilled with this idea and put up a fight for the guitar. Finally Kendall got it out of Natalie’s grasp and brought that guitar over her head and whack.

I completly get that me laughing at this wasn’t the appropriate fatherly example I was suppose to have.  Then it hit me.  She was me.  She decided to take a hard object and swing it as hard as she could and smash her siblings face with it. After all these years the pool incident has caught up to me. All the times we have told this story and I laughed at my brother finally came back and bit me in the face.  Karma could not have picked a better way to get me back then by hurting one of my girls. Now I know uncle Binnie would have never ever wanted either of the girls to get hurt. He certainly would never draw up his revenge this way.

Long story short I think I need to align the universe again and probably do something I should have done a long time ago. Uncle Binnie, I’m really sorry that 25 years ago I knocked you out like Frazier went down against Foreman.   I shouldn’t have ever found joy in your pain or the scar on your eye. So from the bottom of my heart I hope you can find it in you to forgive me for such an inexcusable act and please help restore order so the violence stops with my girls.

I created a reenactment of how it went down 25 years ago and this morning.  I hope you enjoy.

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