Halloween just a tad late.

This was the first year the girls got to really go out for Trick or Treating. After a little rough start they got it down pat and loved it.  Overall it was a great success.  Kendall lasted about 2 hours of walking and was great when it was time to come home.   She is growing up so fast and I can’t wait to do it again next year with my girls.


Kendall clearing out the insides of the pumpkin.  
Kendall and Mom deep in concentration while outlining Mickey.  Natalie Patiently on the outside looking in.
Kendall and Natalie fighting with spoons while mom tries to carve.  As you can see I was very helpful by getting pictures.

Pause to show momma some love.

Finished Mickey product.  Great job Mom.

Minnie waiting to go trick or treating.

Of course Kendall found the Sand.  

Mom and Kendall off to the next house.

Kendall and dad heading up the driveway to go rick or reeting (as Kendall would say)

After the first house with dad.

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  1. Michael Lupton says:

    Great stuff. Very smart young ladies

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