Daddy’s Dad

My sister-in-law Natasha made this video for my fathers memorial 9 years ago.  It will always have a very special place in my heart and I could never express the gratitude that I have for being able to have such a great way to remember dad.  I know it wont mean much to lots of you, but the friends and family that knew my Dad and miss him will love it.  It is pretty hard to believe that it has been 9 years already and he has missed out on so much.  I know that Kendall will never meet him, get to be held by him, or hear his corny jokes, but I will make sure that  she grows up and realizes that I treat her mother the way I do because I  learned from Grandpa.  Kendall will grow up in a home where her Father absolutely worships the ground that her mother walks on.  She will know that you always open the door for a woman and I hope will not accept a man in her life that does not do that for her.  She will know that the toilet seat will be down when she walks in every time.   She will see that Mom will always be put before Dad and he will do it without hesitation and love doing it.  She will witness  parents that work very hard at what they do and they will always do it best.  She will also know that no matter how busy or tired or cranky that Dad may be, I will always be willing to listen and love her.     She will know that family comes first and is the most important thing that we have.  She will get that no one will ever have it better than us.   What I do know is the most important things in life that I can teach her wont have to be said, she will learn the same way that I learned those lessons, by watching my father.  I miss my father every single day and Something always reminds me of him and he will never be forgotten.  He touched many lives and I will grow up to be just as good as a man that he was.   I know one day she will ask about Daddy’s Dad and I know it will be hard to talk about it but rest assured I will make sure to crack a corny joke or two, pull my pants up high and make a fool of myself all in his good name. I WILL MAKE HIM PROUD !


If you are not in an area where you can cry and not be embarrassed then you probably should not watch the video.  For optimal viewing experience please turn up your volume. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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