What Kendall Has Taught Me About Being a SAHD

The first week has wrapped up on Kendall and Dad staying home together.  I have learned a few things so far, some of them were surprising, funny, disgusting, frustrating, and heart breaking.  Since you are reading this I have survived this week and more importantly so did Kendall.  Here are some of the lessons I have learned so far.

1. Kendall is the BOSS.  She runs the house and she runs Daddy.

2. Baby clothes have buttons that are not designed for Dads to use.

3. Dad feeding Kendall does not compare to when Mom feeds Kendall. (Mom wins every time)

4. Dealing with a BLOWN OUT DIAPER is much easier with 2 people.

5. If Kendall is wearing a purple onesie or sleeper, she will get poop on it.

6. If Kendall is crying because she wants to eat, the dogs are barking to go outside.

7. When you bring Kendall to the store, old women will stop you and talk for a minimum of 7 1/2 minutes.

8.  If I get a good nights sleep, Kendall sleeps all day.  If I get crappy sleep, Kendall plays all day.

9.  Everything I do from the hours of All Day- All Day involves singing and baby voices.

10. When Mom leaves Kendall will pee. (also poop)

11. If the outfit is cute, Kendall will Puke.

12. No matter how tired, how frusterated, or cranky I may be, all it takes is for Kendall to grab my finger, grin at me or make a coo and it all goes away.

13. It is going to be really hard to ever go back to work and leave her.

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