Dad and K spend the evening at the fair.

On Saturday I was offered some free tickets to the fair from some friends of ours. I was planning on taking K after she woke up from her nap on our fun-filled adventure. So I got all ready and when K woke up she was a complete mess. Her mouth was hurting her and she just wouldn’t stop crying. We almost called the whole thing off but deep down inside I knew that if I could get her there she would love it. So we gave her a little medicine, changed her clothes and off we went. I am very thankful that I bit the bullet and took her. She had such an AMAZING time.

When we arrived she was beyond excited with all the activities going on around her. It was awesome. I put her on all of the kiddie rides and she rode them all by her self and loved each new experience more than the last.

We rode on the carousel, trains, motorcycles and boat rides. We went to the petting zoo and played in a corn kernel sandbox. Kendall got to eat her first funnel cake and thought it was delicious and finished the night at the demolition derby track.

It was such a fun night. I know K is a little young to remember it but I know I always will remember my first date night with my girl. Check out our night below.

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