Wildlife Park 

I think we may have discovered a new goldmine. Up the road from where we live  is the Homosassa Wildlife Park and it was very fun. It’s basically fenced off everywhere you can go so Kendall basically had 1.5 milesto run wild. We got to see a wide variety of Florida wildlife (birds, hippo, wolves, deer, otters and manatees just to name a few) and it was very cheap to get in. It was very easy to navigate and the staff was extremely friendly. You start off with about a 15 minute boat ride to the park where the tour guide gives you a good deal of info about the park.  The underwater observatory was very fun also.  It was peaceful and it was great to see the manatees and fish up close. Please feel free to leave a comment about your experience at the park or if you have any suggestions for another state park for us to visit.   We will definitely be heading back with the girls.

On the tram.  
Taking a break (never happens with Kendall)  The otter was taking a break.
Florida panther relaxing in the shade

Mom and Kendall looking at the Panther.

 Lu the hippo

Kendall watching the manatee.
  Kendall watching the fish from the underwater observatory.
She desperately  wanted to play with that gator.
Watching the flamingos.  
Running around.  
  Dad and Natalie before the park.

 Mom and Kendall

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