Just another reason to love Amazon. 

Why is a Box, 2 old belts, packing paper and baby wipes the greatest thing on earth? I’ll tell you why, it’s the greatest entertainment for 2 kids EVER.  Mom is out getting her hair done and I’m at home with the girls watching some football and they are off playing with a box full of Amazon stuff.  Yes you read that right, just a box with amazon stuff.  Right now my house isn’t filled with crying or fighting, it’s filled with baby giggles and fun.  For the last hour and a half Kendall and Natalie have climbed in and out of this box nonstop and couldn’t be happier.  So ultimately my procrastination of not putting up the box of goodies  for 2 days has now turned into an oasis of happy kiddos and a relaxing day of college football.  Life is good GREAT!

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