When Kendall goes to school………

Mom will probably kill me for admitting this out loud but when we drop Kendall off at school, Natalie and I go and get Breakfast. We get it every time, as in the servers now know us by name and we don’t even have to order it anymore.  I do it because I enjoy the one on one time I get with Natalie and the real reason is i’m a stress eater.  Regardless of all of that other nonsense  Natalie loves it and really enjoys shoving pancakes and hash browns in her face at an alarming rate.

I attached a video below for proof.  Yes she gets the closing her eyes right before the food enters her mouth from dad.

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5 Responses to When Kendall goes to school………

  1. Hikari Aie says:

    She’s so adorable. I understand that one on one time. But the way she eats makes it look like heaven. 🙂

  2. A Mother of All Trades says:

    Omg this is the cutest!

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