The Girls are sick so there’s only one logical thing to do….

Happy Friday everyone. The Family this week has been battling a little bit of a cold.  The kids have a nasty cough and mom feels like she was hit by a train.  I thought that some good ol’ home cookin from daddio (variant form of daddy-o, slang or hip variant of dad or daddy) might make them feel just slightly better.  So while the family was napping I gathered up all the ingredients and made some homemade pasta.  It was delicious and fun to do also.  Some people say that it takes a long time to make it but I find if you move really fast it takes a little over a minute to do.

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5 Responses to The Girls are sick so there’s only one logical thing to do….

  1. I love making homemade pasta too! Do you speed up your videos with Youtube? I love it. Love your drying rack too, did you make it or buy it? 😉

  2. Love homemade pasta…feeling hungry reading this!

  3. Mickey says:

    Keep it up. I myself was a home dad. Now with grown boys that love pasta I also make my own, it’s so satisfying to make.

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