Dad and the girls make waffles (and a mess)

For dinner last night it was just me and the girls.  I have really been in the mood for some reason to cook/make things on our own.  I know it can be hectic, messy, and not to mention stressful to include the girls when I cook but I find it very fulfilling.  It’s so much easier to hand them the iPad or let them stare at the tv to keep them distracted but hearing them giggle and participate in astonishment is very rewarding.  So when the girls woke up from a nap, I asked them “would you girls like to cook waffles for dinner?”.  Kendall heard cook and she was all in (she cooks on a play set at school and loves it).  Natalie heard waffles and waddled as fast as her tiny little legs could carry her to the kitchen.  So up on the bar stools they went and we made waffles.

Once we finished making them, eating them had to be just as much fun.  No way we were going to be satisfied with just making the kitchen a mess we needed to move over to the table.  There we continuously  giggle, talk, feed the dog, and in Kendall’s own words “it’s berry good daddy”.

While making the waffles you will notice that Natalie manages to eat about half of the raw batter.  Kendall kinda touches the waffle iron and I may or may not get a kiss or two.

total waffles



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4 Responses to Dad and the girls make waffles (and a mess)

  1. Michael Lupton says:

    Great. Made me laugh out loud.

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  2. Hikari Aie says:

    Oh wow. Now I want waffles.

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